Find Out How ABB Streamlined Transport Management

ABB has been a synonym for reliable devices for over 25 years. It owns three factories and employs 4900 people. Products by ABB are shipped to almost all countries of the world. Its continuously growing share in the export is a testimony to the highest quality of offered products.

ABB has been using the innovative Logistics Platform by LOGINTEGRA for 5 years now – learn how they benefitted from implementing the aforementioned system.

The implementation of the Logistics Platform has enabled:

  • an increase in control over the entire transportation
  • a much quicker order transfer to shipping companies
  • an improved communication with carriers and between ABB logistics specialists
  • the achievement of savings thanks to the consolidation of cargo sent from several factories and export using a single means of transportation
  • a constant monitoring of shipping order realization
  • maintaining of statistics on transportation costs, on time deliveries, the quality of services rendered by carriers, etc.

Lucjan Krech
– Transport & Packaging Manager in ABB Polska

„The implementation of a tool for transport management has allowed to optimize not only costs but also the entire transport process in the company. The tool has also enabled us to gather transport data for different branches of transport for completely disparate production centers that we own. Without the data it would not be possible to consolidate the cargo or work on the effective use of space in means of transport that, in our opinion, results in a far greater benefit than the negotiation of transport rates.”

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