Transport and Shipping

Manage and increase effectiveness

Transportation System

Are you running a transportation-shipping company or managing your own and a contractor fleet?

The transportation system streamlines scheduling of transits, increases the effectiveness and simplifies control

Schedule, manage and clear transports via the system for transport management (TMS)

Transportation System

Transport scheduling and monitoring software for shipping companies using the schedule available online

Transfer all transportation management to a single browser-based application

Planning in an online schedule

Real-time up-to-date schedule of transports, maintenance, repair or driver’s vacations is always handy and visible to all employees

Throw away stickers and pin boards - start using the comfortable calendar in the transportation system now!

Managing transports on the order list

A single system with a register of orders that provides information for clients, drivers and contractors

Rapidly add new orders and streamline the realization of different stages in the system for transport management

Control costs of every order

Specifying a minimum margin and registering all costs allows for an up-to-date profitability control of realized transports in the shipping software

Make sure that suffered costs allow to achieve the expected result already at the planning phase

On-Time-Delivery monitoring of provided services

The transportation system monitors the realization of individual shipping stages in a way planned by the user

Automatic notifications will enable you to quickly react and reduce the effects of possible delays

SMS communication with drivers

The transportation system sends automatic notifications and collects information about the completion of individual stages of an order

Communicate with drivers in a fast and convenient way via SMS, without having to speak to them directly over the phone

Settlement of documents in the transportation system

The software dedicated for shipping companies allows for adding documents to every route

Speed up invoicing and shorten their circulation by gathering documents in the transportation system


Data collected in the system for transport management enable the verification of On Time Deliveries

Remember! Your clients always desire quality - even if the only thing they talk about is the price

Effectiveness metrics

The software for shipping companies allows to easily analyze the profitability of services rendered

Care not only about the client’s satisfaction but also about your own, measurable gains