Plan delivery and shipping
Manage notifications

Time Slots

Are you managing a warehouse and the responsibility for loadings and unloading of arriving trucks lies with you?

Time Slots allows to evenly distribute the workload on a warehouse and eliminates lines of trucks in front of your facility

The system for warehouse work schedule creation and notification management significantly increases the efficiency of many of the largest companies in Poland

Time Slots

The application for the creation and managing the schedule of loadings and unloadings in warehouses as well as managing notifications

Companies that make use of Time Slots can control the work of all of their warehouses using a single application

Online communication

Warehouse employees, logistic technicians, salesmen, porters and carriers - all create new notifications and schedule loadings and unloadings

The inclusion of your contractors in the system allows to transfer the responsibility connected to the creation of notifications to them and saves you precious time

Control and manage the warehouse work schedule

You can access newly-created notifications at all times and edit the data, change the load/unload time or the planned time assigned to the servicing of an arriving truck

Time Slots provides a continuous access to newly-created notifications at all times and allows to edit the data, change the load/unload time or the planned time assigned to the servicing of a truck

Creation of new notifications takes only few seconds

A new notification is created using a custom form and reserving the time for loading/unloading of goods is simply done by selecting an empty space in the form

Select data regarding the notification that should be provided to users in order to enable a more seamless servicing of arriving trucks

Automatic calculation of loading/unloading time

Appropriate amount of time necessary for servicing of a truck is reserved by the system based on the amount and the type of goods

You do not need to calculate the time necessary for loading/unloading on your own - a specially-designed algorithm will do it for you!

Simplified verification of arriving trucks

The porter at the reception can quickly verify arriving trucks and confirm - for instance - the arrival or departure of a truck

The time when the driver’s and truck’s information, time of arrival/departure had to be logged in the porter’s notebook has long passed!

SMS communication with drivers

Time Slots can automatically issue messages to the driver assigned to the notification. A warehouse employee can summon waiting drivers to a platform using SMS

Communicate with the driver in a fast and convenient way by SMS, without having to speak to him directly over the phone

Dedicated windows for regular contractors

The system enables the reservation of time for loading/unloading of goods for companies whose trucks arrive regularly

Make sure your contractors have time reserved for servicing of their arriving trucks at all times


Measure On Time Deliveries of arriving trucks and control the warehouse efficiency

Data available in Time Slots allow to constantly raise the warehouse efficiency