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Logintegra Sp. z o.o.

We offer extensive solutions for logistics software. Logintegra was founded by a specialist working for more than 18 years in one of the biggest logistics company in Poland. The combination of competent logistics and enthusiastic engineers from IT department guarantees comprehensive IT systems for logistics that eliminate impediments and optimize transportation costs.

Logintegra is a family company. Team working on our products is comprised of friends and relatives, what positively influences our relationships with clients, level of commitment and honesty. When we started working on our first shipping software a few years ago we did not think that we would turn into a prosperous and thriving company with a tight team. We are proud of what we have become, but we still want to learn and gather more business experience. By working together we know that we are able to meet requirements of most demanding clients and provide perfectly tailored logistics software.

The basic goal of our company is to create intuitive and easy to use software for shipping and logistics. Apart from our standard offer, we provide our potential and present clients with a possibility to use a customized IT system or an application tailored to their individual needs.

Why Us?

  • We are highly competent in the field of IT and logistics.
  • We tailor our logistics software to our clients for reasonable costs.
  • Our solutions are simple to use and functional.
  • IT systems use intelligible way of settlement.
7 years ago we decided to start a business. Even despite a powerful motivation and the will to act, we had many doubts about the future of our endeavor. Today our Logistics Platform, Loading Frame or the Transportation system help logistics specialists and shippers in their work in many leading companies across various industries. I believe the combination of the logistical experience and the willingness to listen to our clients needs at every stage of the project management has led us to a success.
Kacper Warda
CEO Logintegra Sp. z o.o.