Order, control and limit costs

Logistics platform

Managing logistics in a manufacturing or distribution company?

Seize control over the entire transportation from the moment a need for a shipment of goods arises, right up until the cargo has been delivered to the recipient and the clearance

The Logistics Platform has helped many Logistics Managers increase the efficiency of their team!

Logistics Platform

A single system for the management of transportation, communication with carriers, controlling and clearing of transports available through an Internet browser

The implementation of the Logistics Platform enables a centralized management of transportation and a significant reduction of transport services costs

On-line communication with all participants in the supply chain

Exchange e-mail, telephone, messenger, fax, for one communication application

Logistic platform greatly facilitates and speeds up communication and helps to eliminate errors resulting from time-consuming and complicated exchange of information on transport orders

Verification and service provider management

It is you who decides who you work with and on what terms

With the help of the logistics platform, you only work with trusted transport companies. Create an optimal subcontractor base,
increase security and work only with the best

Order import or online manual creation of a new order

Send your orders from ERP system or create new orders through the Logistics Platform using a custom form

Creating new transport orders has never before been so fast! In addition, the integration eliminates the need for re-entering the same data between different systems and eliminates mistakes

Transferring of orders to a verified shipping company

Select a company that you want transfer the order for realization.

The carrier automatically receives e-mail notifications - he can decide in an instant whether to accept or reject an order for realization

Creation of auctions and requests for proposal

Select all companies or a group of carriers, define auction parameters and invite them to bid on an order

Reduce costs of transportation and save time for further inquiries via mail or phone to multiple companies

Monitoring of shipping order realization

The Logistics Platform monitors the course of specific transports
and notifies about possible delays

Stay informed, save time on determining the status of your transports over the phone - focus only on the orders that require your attention

SMS communication with drivers

The Logistics Platform can automatically issue notifications to a driver assigned to an order. The driver, by responding to the received message, confirms the completion of individual stages, e.g. the delivery of goods to the recipient.

Communicate with the driver in a fast and convenient way by SMS, without having to speak to him directly over the phone

Cost verification of transports

The system allows for a quick search for the desired order, comparing the rate accepted by the carrier at the moment of accepting the order with the final rate and confirming the correctly cleared transport

Save time on invoice verification and eliminate the risk of mistakes that might increase costs


Measure On Time Deliveries, analyze costs, evaluate the quality of transportation services

Work only with the best! The Logistics Platform enables a precise evaluation of specific contractors and pinpointing the so-called “bottleneck”