FCA Order Operation Manual

System for advices operation manual. This manual contains explanation and tips with regard to the use of the platform. The manual is divided into small chapters. Each chapter contains articles/instructions that pertain to the specific chapter. Every article features an option of adding a comment to the instructions. Please do not hesitate to submit a comment on whether the instruction was useful, what change would be beneficial to implement or what additional information should be added. Please leave your contact information in the comment in order for us to be able to contact you regarding future improvements.

Adding & editing email FCA advice

How to add an e-mail advice to an order?

Users from PCC can add FCA orders and enable an e-mail advice for such an order for a shipping company.

The User from PCC selects the form of the advice via e-mail, specifies the e-mail address and the phone number of the person who conducts the advising. Once you have received the link for the advice, follow below instructions in order to advise the driver:

    1. Open the e-mail message with the link for the advice,
    2. Click the link for the advice included in the e-mail message:

    3. Once you have clicked the link, you will receive an SMS message with an activation code:
    4. After navigating to the advice webpage (by clicking the link), enter the activation code:
    5. Click “Confirm” button in order to start the advising process,
    6. Fill the form for the advice:
      • Driver first and last name – text box,
      • Nationality – selection drop-down list,
      • ID number / Passport – single selection box, The box requires the User to select the type of the document that will be used by the driver at the gate in order to identify himself,
      • ID number – text box. The ID number of the document that the driver will use to identify himself at the gate needs to be specified. The number has to be correct,
      • Driver’s phone number – text box connected with a number box. It is necessary to specify the country code from the list and the phone number,
      • Double advice – additional option. Tick the box in order to be able to provide the advice data for the second truck driver,
      • Truck registration number – text box,
      • Trailer registration number – text box.
    7. Once the form has been filled, click “Save” button in order to save changes.
How to edit an e-mail advice for an order?

The person who made the advice can edit the e-mail advice. The advice editing starts when the User re-clicks the link received earlier for the creation of an e-mail advice. The advice can be edited until PCC has approved the arrival of a truck at the warehouse premises. Once the truck has arrived, editing will no longer be possible.

    1. Click the earlier-received link for the creation of an e-mail advice,
    2. Confirm the advice editing by re-entering the resent activation code,
    3. Change the advice data,
    4. Click “Save” in order to submit the advice to the system.