The Logistics Platform Has Been Helping Manage the Supply Chain in PCC Rokita Group for 5 Years Now

PCC Rokita SA is one of the largest companies in the chemical industry in Europe. As a dominant entity, it creates the PCC Rokita Capital Group that includes production companies and firms providing services to the Group as well as outside clients. PCC Group center in Poland is located in Brzeg Dolny, where several thousands of trucks are processed every month, both in terms of sales realization as well as the processing of the supply of resources necessary for the current production activity.

The dynamic growth of the company that can be noticed in rising volumes of sales and resource deliveries determines the increase in demand for the effective logistical solutions that aim to improve the supply chain management. The company logistics facilities structure as well as the production and warehouse infrastructure are spread over a vast area. Add to that a very high number of cooperating shipping companies and diverse communication channels with carriers and you will see the main reasons that made the Board opt for the implementation of a transport management enhancement system in PCC Group.

At the turn of 2011/2012, after analyzing the best available solutions on the market, PCC Rokita has decided to select the information solution by Logintegra. At this time, the Logistics Platform constitutes the sole way of communication between a group of several hundred shipping companies. It enables an efficient and clear transport management of goods to clients as well as optimizes the transportation of resources for specific PCC Group companies. The standardization of the form that is used when offering shipping and order transfer allows for a smooth and effective transport management in the entire Group. Furthermore, the expansion of the Logintegra system with a “Time Windows“ module enables the warehouse work planning. A very important turning point in the optimization of logistics processes was the integration of the Logistics Platform with the ERP/SAP system. This has allowed for a two-way synchronization of all required data, which significantly streamlines the planning and realization of transports. In addition, the integration of systems enables the visualization of the vehicle processing from the moment a driver is received at the gate to a factory, up to the point of finishing the cargo loading, including the monitoring of possible delays. This type of functionality is especially important for PCC Group companies due to the vast area that the factory occupies and a considerable number of loading and unloading points.

Dariusz Tomanik – Logistics Manager in PCC Rokita Group:

“We have started cooperation with Logintegra in 2011. The initial implementation of the information system was successfully conducted in PCC Consumer Products Kosmet Sp. z o. o. A year later, Logintegra system was launched in PCC Rokita S.A.
Since the beginning of our cooperation we have strongly expressed our most important needs in terms of the integration of the logistics platform with information systems currently functioning within PCC Group. An especially important point for us was the synchronization with the ERP/SAP system. Today, we can say that our goal has been achieved. Together with Logintegra we have managed to build an integrated system that fulfils all requirements of PCC Group companies that operate in diverse distribution channels and make use of various means of transport for the realization of shipping orders.
Currently we are working on another joint endeavor that entails the development and implementation of a transport management enhancement system in PCC Autochem Sp. z o. o. It will be integrated with solutions supplied by Logintegra currently used in PCC Group as well as our ERP/SAP system”.

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